Monday, 28 August 2017

2018 Power of Awareness Meditation Courses

Conducted by Swami Anandakumar

Scroll down for the places, dates and contacts for the meditation programs scheduled for 2018 in New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay

Teaching meditation I always assume the wisdom to be there in everyone, that what wisdom I can connect with is speaking to the wisdom in you. But connecting with that wisdom is not automatic, it requires the right time, environment and focus, and sometimes guidance - that’s why these longer meditation courses. As the worldly activities get left behind, after some time the mind which was active out there gradually becomes calm. When the outer mind becomes quiet like that the way is open for a connection with the higher mind, inside, which is the source of our wisdom.

These courses clear the way for you to be able connect more directly with your inner life. As well as the length of the courses, the peaceful environment, the quiet we are encouraged to keep there, the absence of outside distractions all help to make this possible. And then the practices: Different techniques are introduced at different times as our inner perception deepens, so that as our practice evolves the different steps of self discovery come at the right time. 

One particular practice which has been a part of these courses from the beginning will be emphasised more this year: that is a focus on the heart space. When the mind is calm the heart can open up. We may not feel free to do that so much in normal life sensing a need for some protection, but in this protected environment with like-minded people there is confidence to look more deeply in sensitive areas and find the beauty there that might be unknown, might be dormant, or might be already flowering. 

It seems to me that the time has come when we want to take a step further and go deeper, that it is not enough to continue in the same old way. This is done gently in the seclusion of our own inner nature. The guidance leaves you free to have your own experience in the privacy of your own inner space. This develops a sense of quiet confidence which can’t be described because it’s different than the usual.

If this is making sense, then give it some thought and listen to your inner voice, where these decisions are made, and note down the dates. And if not this time, maybe another. We have the long view before us. Sooner or later there are things we have to face which are particular to this life. This way we can do it consciously, knowingly, with full awareness; you will find it fits right in with whatever you have found and tested to be true. Here you can let it become an adventure and a part of your life.

Launceston Tasmania, Australia   5 day program   13 - 18 February
Contact:  Karunamitra  

Anahata Yoga Centre, S Island, NZ   7 day program  12 - 18 March
Contact:  Anahata Yoga Centre 

Rocklyn Yoga Ashram VIC, Australia   9 day program  7 - 15 April

Alice Springs NT, Australia   7 day program   4 -11 May  
Contact:   Shoonya Chaitanya

Hamilton North Island, New Zealand   5 day program   31 May - 5 June
Contacts:  Kailash  and  Chintamani

Uruguay, South America   9 day program   29 June - 8 July
Contact:  Janardhana 

Testimonials from previous courses
  Set me on the right direction after years of procrastinating.
  Up for a challenge? Looking to move forward in your life? Then go to this retreat and see what happens.
  It will change your life if you let it.
  Exceeded all expectation- absolutely brilliant.
  Sw. Anandakumar is an inspirational teacher.  There is simplicity and clarity in his instruction.
  Amazing, highly recommended!  Very rarely do we have the opportunity to find a way to be comfortable with everything that occurs within us.  This was such an opportunity; to sit and go beyond our constructed beliefs to a light deep within.
  Great teacher.  Great venue.
  Sw. Anandakumar is an excellent master of the mind - very perceptive - funny - so does not intimidate. 
 A life-changing experience in a beautiful setting.
  This is a highly recommended retreat for professional yoga teachers and practitioners committed to experiencing an extended meditation retreat, skilfully guided by Swami Anandakumar.  The stillness and clarity gained over 10 days of learning the systematic approach to meditation and establishing oneself in the quiet mind as the observer is a profound experience.
  If you seek the truth … seek out this course.

Putting on a Power of Awareness course
If you think one day you might want to consider arranging a course, starting with a weekend non-residential program, please contact me:   Anandakumar


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